Friday, March 9, 2012

Sweet Sweet Chaos

Sometimes, a little disorder is in order.  Sometimes, what we need is a little superfluous complication, just to keep things interesting.

Today, the most wonderful contraption in the world was brought to my attention.

I love this thing so much.  It's like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang drove to Napa Valley and went Steampunk.  The simple act of opening a bottle of wine and pouring a perfect glass becomes an event that is replete with intricacy and detail.  I could built a house around this thing.  This... what is this.... this magnificent corkscrew is to wine what this thing is to playtime.  It does the job you want done, but in a deliciously over-the-top way that turns the end result into an experience.

Would I want everything in my house to operate in the most complicated possible manner?  Do I want to live in a world where molehills are intentionally turned into mountains?  Oh heavens no.  Can you imagine trying to navigate your daily obligations while at the mercy of a crank and fifty gears for each task?  Perish the thought!  We don't have time for everything we do to be about the journey, rather than the destination.  Everything cannot, and should not, be complicated like this wonderful winecork puller-outer.

What I've learned is that if most of what I have going on around me is kept simple, I have the inclination and discretion to seek out the occasional morsel of chaos.  When I'm able to stay on top of most of the important stuff, there's room to bring in variables that lend themselves to complication.

Hi, my name is Winchestergetoutofthekitchen.

Which is why we adopted a dog.  Not a puppy, because I'm not completely insane.  I'm open to chaos, not destruction.  But a dog?  A fully-grown, mostly-trained rescue dog who needed us even more than we needed him?  No problem!  So now we deal with dog hair, and the steam mop is in frequent rotation.  But that's cool.  I got this.  Because a happy Labrador Retriever (look at that tail in motion, and tell me he's not happy...) is just the right amount of chaos and sometimes, it can be about the journey.

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