Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First Post...

...in which we begin to spell out our parameters.

Getting a grip is hard.  You probably have a grip on quite a few things already.  One more grip might just be too much.  My hope is to help you determine what's Grip Worthy and what can be Let Go.  The stuff that's truly worthy if being gripped?  Always manageable.  I can help with that too.

Everybody's grip potential is different.  Some people thrive when they have a lot in their grasp. Seriously.  I know we fantasize about how That One Neighbor/Other Mom/Colleague/Whomever with the perfect life cannot possibly maintain that forever and we secretly (or not...) hope we're there when she blows because it's JUST NOT NORMAL.  For her, it may be just fine. Or not.  She may be here too.  Don't worry about her. 

For the rest of us, so much of it is just a burden of static.  It's just noise.  It's a show we put on for the people around us.  It's the way you feel when your shoulders are up and your head is down and you're bracing against the barrage of whatever just keeps coming.

Some of it can just go around you.  Not all of it, of course.  There are things that are genuinely important that deserve the attention you give them.  Those are the nouns, the Proper Nouns, on which you will get your grip.  The rest of it?  Let it go.

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